Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No Means No, Yes?  Maybe…

Following up on this post about country songs that annoy the fuck out of me, we have the Lori Morgan hit from 1993 (her biggest hit ever, according to Wikipedia), “What Part of No”.  The song starts with her telling some guy she’s there to unwind, that she’s not interested in a dance or in romance, but then it hits the second verse with these lyrics:
I appreciate the drink, and the rose was nice of you
I don’t mean to be so mean
But I don’t think I’m getting through
I don’t need company, no, I don’t wanna dance
So what part of “No” don’t you understand
While I don’t have sympathy for guys who can’t take a hint (especially with the implied threat of stalking and rape embedded in the song), you took the drink he bought you and you accepted the rose he gave you.  Is it any wonder the guy thinks he has a shot with you?  What part of “No” don’t you understand?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This Is Why I Use FlashBlock

I wrote in detail about the sins of Flash in a previous post.

You can learn more about the FlashBlock extension here.

Today, I chanced upon the website for The Inn at False Creek hotel in Vancouver, BC.  Check out the three pics below.

The first is how the website appears with FlashBlock on, with seven instances of Flash (or other blocked items) showing.  Wow, that's a lot.  What sorts of nifty stuff could they be putting on this page?

The second is how it looks with the Flash items loaded.  Wow, that is nifty! Text! They are using it to load up styled text, with an overhead for loading and launching whatever technology seven times on the page.  They could have embedded graphics with alt text, or other mechanisms, but they chose this.

And for comparison the third image is how the page looks on an iPad.  Wow is that bad.  The only thing I really regret about Apple’s refusal to deal with Flash on the iPad is things like this which show lousy programming practices in action.


Friday, February 10, 2012

The Anti-Jackson

I had an organization board meeting on Wednesday night, and in the dark, my right-hand riding glove went AWOL and we couldn’t find it after the meeting.  So I had to ride the short bit home with just my left glove.  No big deal.

On Thursday, I went back by the meeting location and saw that someone had found my glove and set it on a brick retaining wall.  Of course, it had rained over night, so the glove was wet and maybe dirty from wherever it had fallen the night before.  So getting home, I added it to a load of laundry, and since I was doing such, added my super lightweight secondary gloves and my Turtle Fur neck wrap; they could all use an occasional wash.

Thursday night came and a committee meeting… and oh crud, all three gloves and the neck wrap was in the washing machine, not yet in the dryer.  Well, in a pinch, get a garden glove!

But, um…
  • Somewhere along the line, I lost one glove from each of two pairs of garden gloves, and it was the right-hand glove missing.
  • The more recent pair of garden gloves, when I got them back from the store, they had bound two matching gloves into the package instead of a pair… two left-hand gloves!
So now I had my choice of five different gloves to wear to ride to the meeting, all of them left-hand gloves.  As noted, I felt like an anti-Michael Jackson: white guy with one black glove on the opposite hand.