Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Insured?  Can’t prove it by the ID Card!

My ex is still on my auto insurance policy through Geico.  (Long story.)  He’s covered by the same policy, but not as a “spouse”.

I recently got my insurance ID cards for the two vehicles (mine and his).  Three cards per vehicle, all listing only me as “Insured”.

This became a problem a few months ago, when he got stopped for a broken tail light.  He got a ticket because his “proof of insurance” didn’t cover him.  We got Geico to fax paperwork indicating that he was covered under the policy, which should have taken care of things.

With the new ID cards, I called Geico to request cards be issued with him as “Insured” as well.  No can do, they tell me.  Even though he’s insured under the policy, only myself and my “spouse” can be listed on the ID cards as actually insured.  What’s up with that?

So I’m having them fax the paperwork again, and then I will give it and the new cards to my ex.  If he gets stopped, he’ll probably have to argue with the cop over whether or not his insurance is valid, and he might even have to get a ticket that he’ll have to fight (with all the stress and time lost that accompanies that).

I’m pleased that Geico will cover other than immediate family under the same policy, but this refusal to list as insured someone who is insured is ridiculous.