Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Letter of Comment
    — Monorails and Furries

I’ve now added the text of my “Dear Glenn” letter to the previous Letterhack item.

I might as well dig up the two other letters I had published in recent months while I’m at it…
  • In the November 1, 2002 issue of the Seattle Gay News, I had a letter in favor of the then-pending vote on the Seattle Monorail (online archives apparently only go back to February 2005 these days, so I can't link to it anymore).  The gist of the letter was that Seattle needs rapid transit badly, and while the small initial monorail system won’t solve Seattle’s traffic problems (nothing will do that), it will help keep things from getting worse.
  • I admit it.  I have written to Dan Savage’s “Savage Love” column and had the letter published.  No, that wasn’t my letter about <your favorite kinky fetish here>.  Instead, I tried taking Dan to task for his, um, savaging of “furries” in this column (August 8, 2002).  My letter was heavily edited (and I didn’t save the e-mailed original to compare against); he cut half the letter, and perhaps appropriately, half the signature acronym.  That shouldn’t be a surprise, as everyone looks like an idiot in Dan’s columns.  My letter was published in this column (first letter; August 22, 2002).
Not all of my letters get published, mind you, but I think I have a good hit percentage, something over .500.

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