Sunday, March 23, 2003

Conflicted about the Conflict: Question Authority

I listen to talk radio a lot while driving to and from work, to and from the bars, and so on.  I listen to both liberal (KIRO and the NPR affiliate KUOW) and conservative (KVI).  I get a broader picture of things that way, and it is useful to know what those you disagree with are saying in order to better respond to them.  So yes, I even listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Almost certainly the scariest thing I have heard in the build-up to this attack on Iraq has been on the conservative talk radio stations, with people calling in to say “How dare people question what President Bush is doing!”  (One woman said almost exactly that.)

Excuse me?  Even if we agree with the President’s actions and motives, and those of his administration, how dare we act like passive sheep and simply accept what is being done?  Even if we question and come back with the answer that everything is okay and proper, it is our duty as American citizens to question, investigate, and decide for ourselves.

How dare we not question what is being done?

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