Wednesday, July 7, 2010

January–March, 2003 blog posts

I’ve finished incorporating the January–March, 2003 posts from my old “Bouncing Off the Walls” blog into this one.  (Actually, they were all from March 2003, when I started that blog, but I have it archived in 3-month chunks, so future incorporations will cover a quarter at a time.)  In the process, I’ve re-edited all the entries, corrected weblinks, and such.  I was pleased to find that very little in the way of revisions were needed, and I’m still happy with the politics-oriented stuff I wrote at the time.

For those interested in what I was writing about at the time (mostly What Were They Thinking? items and a number of posts about the then-new Iraq War), you can read them here:

A few of the sex-related posts are on my other blog, here:
(Oh yeah, and the addition of those posts has put me past post #200 on this blog.)

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