Thursday, July 23, 2009

Europe 2009: Seattle (Wednesday, July 22)

Spent the day wrapping things up at work — we have a small team these days, so it will be tougher for Cindy and Doug to pick up the slack while I’m gone.  Then had Rhythm Riders dance practice and the SML Leather Social.  Snuck a few bits of packing in around the edges, but was by no means done.

Had a small tiff with my boyfriend after the Leather Social, which put him in a bad mood and so we certainly didn’t have a good “send off”.  My not being done packing was probably part of it, and just the trip itself.  Hope things will reset by the time I get home.

At 11:45, checked my schedule and realized that I had my departure time wrong.  I was thinking of the depart-from-Amsterdam-on-Tuesday time, so I had 2.5 hours longer than I thought.  So I didn’t stress about getting all the packing done tonight.

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