Monday, July 27, 2009

Europe 2009: Amsterdam (Sunday, July 26)

I’m slowly recovering from jetlag, but today was a day where I didn’t really want to do anything.  Again, wrote the blog posts for an hour after breakfast.

Wandered around a while, then trekked 30 minutes southwest of the Centrum to a party I had been invited to, at a bar called Sameplace.  The further out from the Centrum, the wider and more familiar-to-Americans style the streets became, and the newer the construction.  And though more familiar, there was still a definite “European” feel to things, in an almost stereotypical way.  (All stereotypes are rooted in fact, after all.)

I was wearing one of my kilts, the tan canvas and black leather one from MacLeo.  It got a number of looks, but I trained myself long ago not to make eye contact back on those.  Just let them pass by.

Took the tram (light rail) back to the city; I think the cars are the same design as used in Dublin.  Later that evening, I caught a cab back out to near where the party had been, and later walked back to the Centrum late at night (1:30 am); beautiful weather in the high 60s, me in shorts and tank top.  I got a little lost — went one canal too far — but the iPhone map tool got me back to the hotel.

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