Thursday, July 30, 2009

Europe 2009: Copenhagen (Wednesday, July 29)

I got up too late for breakfast at the hotel, so I popped to the nearby mini-mart, Elite, and bought orange juice, pastries, yogurt, instant coffee (shudder!), cream, and cheese wedges.

No sightseeing today.  Ironed my shirts for the competition.  Went to DGI-byen, the Danish gymnastic center (and bowling, apparently) and took two hours of line dance workshops by Niels B. Poulsen (a yummy instructor, woof!): Cha Cha With Me, My Next Love, and I’m Yours.  The third of these was fairly advanced; the second was a Viennese waltz.  I’m always of a mixed mind with line dance workshops: it’s rare that I’ll ever do the dance again after that workshop, and I’ve pretty much got the dance vocabulary down, so what am I actually getting out of the workshop?  Just mental and physical exercise?  Is that enough?  (Sometimes, yes, but not for more than a couple hours at a shot.)

Afterward, I talked for a while to Kurt from the Munich L.A.D.s dance team — he will be competing against me tomorrow — and to his mother, Karen.  We talked about line dance, IAGLCWDC competitions, and stuff like that.

Back at the hotel, I practiced my dances out in the courtyard and videotaped them, but I can’t get the video camera to connect to the laptop to upload them to YouTube where I can watch them on a screen bigger than one inch.  Grrr.

After dinner, went back to DGI-byen for the Couples/Teams competition.  Four couples competed — one Novice, two Beginner, one Intermediate — so very little real competition there.  Likewise with teams — Trip the Light Fantastic, a women’s team from the Bay Area competed in couples, and Madison Street from France competed in line, with the women’s team winning the Overall award.

I’m guessing that there will be as many as a dozen or more of us for the Intermediate Line Dance competition tomorrow, which means at least two heats.  That means it will be a significant competition.  It’s a problem not just with country dancing, but with other disciplines that I’ve seen records of at the OutGames: there are many sports with only a handful of competitors.  Of course, having several actually competing also means (a) I may not win and (b) the overall winner could be a challenge to identify, if different people win each of the three dances.  Could be interesting!

As with Amsterdam, the humidity seems to be getting thick here in Copenhagen.  I have sweated through all my t-shirts, at nearly two per day.  I’m going to put a few of them in the bathroom and turn on the shower very hot to hopefully steam a little life back into them.

Tuesday night was another at the SLM clubhouse.

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