Sunday, July 26, 2009

Europe 2009: Amsterdam (Saturday, July 25)

Struggled myself out of bed at 10:15 for breakfast.  Collapsed back in for two more hours.  Got up and worked on the blog posts and cruised online for an hour while they made up the room.

Trekked a mile or two west, to the Homomonument and Anne Frank House.  Stopped at Dam Square for lunch, at a Bali Chicken stir-fry (with Javanese spices; had a nice heat to it) and found a coffee shop with coffee to go (er, “take away” is the local term).  This wasn’t a pot-serving “coffee shop”.  I still haven’t broached one of those.

The Homomonument surprised me.  The only pics I had seen were of a stone triangle “dock” extending into the canal, but it is one of three triangles in the square at Westermarkt — one raised, one flush with the ground, and the one in the canal (below ground level) — representing past, present, and future.  Not sure that it “works”, but it’s sure more or something honoring gay rights struggles than we’ve got in the States.

Anne Frank House?  Well, I walked past it.  Line down the block.  Didn’t plan to go in anyway, and definitely not for that sort of a wait (probably a couple hours to get in).  I despise waiting lines like that; given the choice between waiting interminably for something and going to the next place, I’ll opt to walk on.  I may never go back to a theme park again (although now with the iPhone, they aren’t so bad, maybe, since I can play games and surf the web while I wait.).

Trekked back to the hotel, then back to the Cuckoo’s Nest and the Web.  Came back to the hotel for a nap, and then some dinner — take-away shoarma (“shawarma” in the US; Lebanese chopped meat) sandwich and frites (fries) with curry, mayo, and onions.  The curry sauce for fries here is red and liquid, like ketchup, as opposed to the yellow gravy in Ireland, which I liked better.  Really wish I could get them with poutine (gravy and cheese) though; had that in Vancouver in April and it was yummy!  Watched a chunk of Men in Black II, then prepped to go out.

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