Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Selection 2004: Ho Hum 2

Kerry/Edwards as the Democratic ticket.  Completely predictable.  Boring.  I continue with the same feeling of impending void: I will vote for Kerry/Edwards, not because I’m enthused by them (nor because I’m a registered Democrat and always vote the party line, since I’m not and I don’t), but because I can’t vote for Bush/Cheney and because I (we) can’t afford to not vote.

On the flip side, Edwards probably truly is the best choice.  Not because he gives a North/South balance to the ticket, or because his “humble beginnings” offset Kerry’s “privilege”, but because he minimizes exposure.  The only thing that the Republicans seem to have to throw at Edwards right now is a relative lack of experience, which is exactly what Bush himself ran on four years ago, as a candidate who had held only one elected office before running for President.  Edwards is no less experienced than Bush was, and in fact has private successes prior to office, which the current President cannot claim.

Updated on July 8, 2004

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