Monday, June 21, 2004

Reagan Redux

In the aftermath of the Reagan funeral, I’m reminded of my all-time favorite episode of Berke Breathed’s Bloom County strip, where Opus is talking to his mirror, commenting on politicians (paraphrased, since I don’t have the original cartoon handy):
“A statesman is a dead politician.”

“That’s what this country needs: more statesmen!”
(Oddly, for how well-regarded Bloom County was, this is one of only two strips which I can really recall dialog from.  The characters (Steve Dallas, Opus, Bill the Cat, Milo, Oliver Wendell Jones and the Banana 3000 computer) and the scenarios (elections, the anxiety closet, etc.) are all well recalled, but danged if I can remember many individual strips.  The other one I remember was during Steve Dallas’ effort to win the Mr. USA competition, with Opus yelling out “Mr. Rhode Island is stuffing his shorts!”)

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