Thursday, July 8, 2004

What Were They Thinking?
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“What Were They Thinking?” highlights products and presentations which just don’t make sense.

This ad came out of the July 2004 issue of American Way Magazine.

So where is “The Loft 2” located?  Downtown where?  What city, what state, what country?  (Lest we forget, American Way Magazine is in the seat pocket of thousands of seats on hundreds of planes traveling all over the country, maybe the world.  In my case, I was traveling from Seattle to St. Louis to Columbus, all of which have downtown areas.)  The ad gives no place information.  There is no mailing address, no telephone number, no e-mail address, and no web site listed.  (Of course, if I was the sort of person who wanted to live in “The Loft 2,” perhaps I would already know about “The Loft Downtown” and wouldn’t need to wonder about this.)

For the dedicated person, though, there are two clues in the ad:

Florida is a big place.  Tallahassee?  Jacksonville?  Tampa/St. Petersburg?  Ocala?  Orlando?  Ft. Lauderdale?  Miami?

A web search on “Loft Downtown” and on “Related Cervera Realty Services” (mentioned in the ad copy) finally reveals that the original building, and thus presumably the new one as well, is in Miami.  But even then, there is no direct website for either the building or the agency revealed in the top listings on Google, only references on other Miami-based sites.

[Weblog title reference: From the Petula Clark song “Downtown”.]

Updated on March 1, 2011
Things have changed over the years.  A link to a realty site featuring The Loft Downtown is now easily available.

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