Tuesday, January 27, 2004

F*ck*ng C*ns*rs

“Stupid, Stupid Ads!” dissects ads that try to do something underhanded or just plain stupid.

I buy most of my comic books online, preordering them 2–3 months ahead of time from Westfield Comics.  I get a small discount (more for higher dollar orders) which more than offsets the postage charges, with a net effect of maybe 5-10% discount on titles ordered ahead of time.

For April 2004, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is offering a shirt with art by Erik Larsen, featuring his Savage Dragon character and your choice of “Fuck Censorship” or “Fight Censorship” slogans.  To the right is the image on the Westfield site for the first of those designs; the second design blots out only the finger, not the word.

In other words, an anti-censorship product is being censored in order to sell it.  (I assume it is Westfield adding the black boxes, but it could be wherever they get their images from.)

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