Monday, October 25, 2010

What Were They Thinking?
    — The Challenge is Figuring Out the Challenge

“What Were They Thinking?” highlights products and presentations which just don’t make sense.

This banner showed up at the Cuff Complex recently, advertising the German beer Bitburger now being stocked by the bar.  I’ve tried it, and it’s okay, but I'll stick with (darker) local favorites like Mac & Jack’s and Manny’s and Red Hook.

The banner advertises the “Bitburger Challenge”.  Which is… what?  Based on the banner, it would appear to be drinking Bitburger.  Maybe the challenge is drinking it on ice, or drinking three bottles of it?  Gee, makes it sound foul.  (Is it like Jägermeister, a liquor apparently so nasty tasting that they used to advertise it with guys making horrible faces from drinking it?)

A web search doesn’t reveal anything about the “challenge”, either.  The challenge of being a top three brand in Germany.  A Facebook page with two posts on it and no descriptive content.  A no-name web forum which has a link to a video of a guy being urged to drink a huge stein of beer.

A more refined search finally showed this page, which refers to people trying to drink an entire mini-keg (looks like it holds about a gallon).  Is that it?

Maybe the challenge is to figure out the challenge?

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  1. the challenge is to make intelligent people spend hours on the internet constantly repeating the brand name in their head. Mission Accomplished!