Monday, September 13, 2010

April–September, 2003 blog posts

I’ve finished incorporating the April–September, 2003 posts from my old “Bouncing Off the Walls” blog into this one, 29 items total.  In the process, I’ve re-edited all the entries, added and corrected weblinks, and such.

Here are links to the 6 months covered, so you can read what I was up to back then:
April 2003 (6 items)
May 2003 (7 items)
June 2003 (5 items)
July 2003 (no items)
August 2003 (1 item)
September 2003 (8 items)
A few of the sex-related posts are on my other blog, here:
June 2003 (1 item)
July 2003 (1 item)
Between the two blogs, I’m now just under 300 posts total.

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