Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Caught You!
    — Kymco Scooters

“Caught You!” identifies places where people don't quite do the full job with their marketing materials and ads: major typos, Photoshop flubs, etc.

This is a page from the latest Kymco Scooters promotional booklet, about the Sento scooter.  Each page of the booklet has a large cropped image of the scooter on the outside edge of the page — left, in this case — plus a couple smaller colors shots and specs for the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the Sento only has its name on the front left side of the scooter (as you can see from the two- full-scooter images), while this page ended up as a left page, so the front right side would be shown in the large cropped image (and thus would not have the logo on it).

So to fix that, they took the front left side and flipped the image horizontally.  This seems a perfectly reasonable thing to try, except that it reverses all logos, including the main Kymco logo — see the inset on the right — and it would reverse the Sento logo as well.  So what did they do?  They apparently digitally removed (Photoshopped out) the Sento logo, and then pasted in a new, non-reversed copy.  Except, as seen on the inset on the left, they didn’t get it at quite the right place — it’s too high, not angled right, and of course, the “S” should be closest to the headlight (hard to help that, though).   All in all, a pretty lousy job, probably a rush.

The right answer, of course, would have been to move the Sento to a right hand page in the booklet, so they could have used a correct, unaltered image.  Second best would have been to use a non-flipped image of the side without the Sento logo — so the Kymco logo wouldn’t be flipped and they wouldn’t have to remove the flipped Sento logo — and then just paste in the isolated Sento logo (at the right place and angle, of course).

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