Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ireland: Dublin (Saturday, March 1) — Part 6 (night)

Written Sunday, March 2 at 2:25 pm, Dublin (at the hotel)

I noticed that some of the crossing lights on O’Connell count down the seconds until the signal turns green for you, as opposed to the stateside method some use of counting down how much time is left.  I suppose that has its value, in getting people to wait a few more seconds rather than stepping out into traffic because they’re in a hurry.

There’s a store just around the corner on Henry Street (the big pedestrian shopping mall) that is truly putrid smelling.  It’s some sort of a hand-made cosmetics place, but there is an odor from it which wafts down onto O’Connell, even at 2:30 am, hours after closing.  It smells like a huge vat of Palmolive; fine as a passing whiff, maybe, but totally turns my stomach in this volume.

My goal for the evening is to stay up later tonight/this morning, and only get a few hours sleep.  That will prompt me to sleep early on the flight back, and hopefully get back closer to my typical weekend schedule (waking up late morning) to ease myself back through the jetlag faster.  We’ll see if it works.

I have to catch a bus to the airport at about 7:30 am tomorrow, for a 9:50 flight to Amsterdam.  Then it’s a one-hour layover there (cross fingers!) and back to Seattle, in at 2:35 in the afternoon.  I’ll have to take the bus back home, but that’s fine.  (If it isn’t raining, of course.  Weather report doesn’t predict that for Seattle right now.)

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