Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ireland: Dublin (Saturday, March 1) — Part 5 (dinner)

Written Saturday, March 1 at 7:17 pm, Dublin (at the hotel)

The Irish Stew was mediocre — underseasoned and soupy — but the side salad, a mix of green salad and slaw, was pretty good.  And the bread & butter pudding with hot custard was quite yummy.

I’ve taken over 120 video snippets so far on the trip, amounting to 20 MB of space, somewhere around 90 minutes of video, I suspect, ranging from 3-4 seconds up to 8 minutes.  I’m going to be editing this stuff forever!  (Actually, I’ll try to do minimal editing, just chopping useless seconds from the start and end.  I’ll stitch a bunch of the short pieces together into longer bits, with interstitial headings, probably ending up mostly 30 second to 2 minutes each, which will make for better YouTube viewing and will keep me from embedding 100 videos in my blog.)

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