Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Selection 2004: Ho Hum

What dismays me the most about the shift from Dean to Kerry (or possibly Edwards) as the heir apparent for the Democratic nomination — and by extension, the general paring down of candidates, although that was inevitable — is that I’m not sure I can get worked up over Kerry (or possibly Edwards).

Dean, I had a feeling for.  Or at least via the media, I had the feeling I was supposed to have a feeling for him.  I inferred a personality, a stance on a variety of issues, and thus someone whom I could actually care about.

With Kerry (or possibly Edwards), I have no such feeling, nor the feeling of the need to have a feeling.  It’s no longer “Is this the best guy?  Do I agree with what he says?  Does he fire me up?”  Instead, it has become “Okay, this is the Democrat guy (or possibly Edwards).  Guess he’s the one I’ll vote for.  Sure hope he can beat Bush.”

In other words, “Yeah, whatever.

I know I’ll vote, and I know I won’t vote for Bush.  So now I just yawn until March 2, when we’ll know if it’s actually going to be Kerry (or possibly Edwards will pull enough states to prolong things).  And then I’ll stretch and scratch myself and twiddle my thumbs until July (or whenever the official Candidate Crowning Ceremony occurs).  And then I’ll nap until late October.

So far as I’m concerned, the only thing left to do is count the votes.  Although I’m sure there will be ample local and state politics to perk the interest before then.  Or at least the feeling of interest.

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