Monday, January 31, 2011

Hair Hoppers

This poster for the local “Emperor’s Turnabout” event from the local Imperial Court showed up in the local bars recently.  (“Turnabout” is an event where the male-persona Court members do drag and the female-persona members perform in male gear.  The name may come from the old Hal Roach film of the same name.)  It reminds me of something…
This, maybe?

Well, yes, that’s the obvious connection.  But something else…
Oh, yeah.  This!

The last big evening-long show that the VisQueens did (about 5 years ago now) used the same concept in this poster I did for the show.

The VisQueens are/were Seattle’s camp scag-drag troupe: leathermen and bears donning lingerie, heels, and hair — no make-up — and doing sometimes really good group performance routines.  The group’s original outing was with the “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago in 1998.  Our last big group routine (we practiced this for months) was the “Rich Man’s” Frug from Sweet Charity in 2008, replicating a big chunk of the Fosse choreography.

Hey, look!  Videos!


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