Monday, April 26, 2010

Gay Phone (definition)

An iPhone.  Every gay boy in the bar has one.

(Android phone?  Please.  There might be 1 of them in the bar for every 25 iPhones.  A faux gay phone.  But I’ll accept that five years from now, some other phone will be the trendy everyon-has-one, everyone-cruises-on-one device.  Then that one can be the “gay phone”.  But today, it’s the iPhone.)


  1. The popularity of the iPhone for gay guys might be related to the availability of the Grindr app for iPhone. Just surmisin' ...

  2. I think you're confusing cause and effect? The iPhone was omnipresent before Grindr came on the scene; that's why they created it, after all. But to be sure, the #1 reason you see guys pull it out (ahem) in the bar these days is to check Grindr.

    (I do. I admit it.)

    But even then, I don't think that the availability of Grindr itself drives iPhone sales to gay boys. (I don't think hardly any specific app drives sales to any demographic.) It's a sales plus at best.